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Growing Veza Global (A Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy & Tech Company)

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Manpreet Dhillon, CEO of Veza Global which is a Vancouver-based consultancy that leverages diversity to create inclusive organizations.

Manpreet Dhillon, who ranked #15 globally on the 2020 EmPower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list, started Veza Global to create authentic, human-centered consulting services and leadership training through a lens of equity for race, culture, gender, and diverse abilities.

We discussed:

  • What does your business do and for whom?
  • What makes a good vs great HR business?
  • What’s your advice when it comes to growing a successful D&I/HR business?
  • What does the future hold for the D&I/HR industry?

Our conversation took a very interesting detour into something that set Manpreet’s business racing ahead after a slow start: money mindset.

Side note: Check out my money mindset video interview with Stephen Bates.

Resources mentioned include:

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Growing A Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy – MASF Consulting

Mark Fenton might not be who you would automatically consider as a campaigner for diverse & inclusive workplaces.

Mark Fenton

He is white, straight, middle-aged, middle class and married with two kids and a dog.

But, as he says, that’s the point.

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in global financial organisations, with a proven track record in finance, audit and business strategy.

So yes, he’s a “finance guy”.

However, more recently, he ran global diversity and inclusion programmes for the world’s most valuable insurance brand, AXA.

Mark is now the CEO & Founder of MASF Consulting Limited.

We had a fascinating discussion about:

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Introducing A New Platform For HR Consultants – One Circle

One Circle is an online platform for HR consultants that connects companies with freelance HR experts, on-demand and across the world.

New HR consulting platform

In this article, I’m kindly joined by One Circle’s founder, Emma El-Karout.

Read on for our discussion on:

  • Emma’s background and her motivation to start the One Circle platform for HR consultants.
  • What does One Circle do? Which problem does it address and how it is differentiated from other competitors in the space?
  • Who is the typical OneCircle HR consultant? Where they are from and how do they help clients?
  • Tips on interesting people that HR businesses should check out to grow faster.
  • The biggest challenges facing the HR profession.
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Growing A Diversity & Inclusion Business –

I had an excellent conversation recently on A Better HR Business with the Founder of (the first global online community for Diversity & Inclusion champions), Vessy Tasheva. We talked about all aspects of growing a diversity & inclusion business.

  • Vessy’s background and what got her to this point.
  • – who it’s for and what it does.
  • The impact of diversity fatigue.
  • Vessy’s amazing international diversity report.
  • Vessy holds a lot of workshops and gets invited to give speeches and go onto discussion panels. How she finds these opportunities and her advice to other consultants and companies that are interested in doing the same.
  • The long-term plans for
  • HR changes and challenges now and in the future?
  • And plenty more.
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