In a recent episode of the HR business marketing podcast, A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Michelle Minnikin, CEO of Work Pirates and author of “Good Girl Deprogramming”, about workplace dynamics, diversity, and the need for a shift in traditional HR practices

Michelle Minnikin
Michelle Minnikin

Michelle Minnikin, a Chartered Psychologist and Coach, co-founded multiple businesses alongside her partner James Eves. With over two decades of experience in leadership and organizational development, employee selection and assessment, coaching, and personal development, Michelle brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for driving transformative change.

Michelle’s deep understanding of positive psychology and personal development fuels her dedication to helping individuals craft their ideal lives. She guides clients toward greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment with a coaching approach that is warm, playful, and sensitive, creating safe spaces that foster trust and authenticity.

Michelle’s journey toward her Good Girl Deprogramming began with an ADHD diagnosis in December 2020, a revelation that brought new clarity to her life. Embracing this self-awareness, she explored her conditioning and examined how societal norms had shaped her identity.

Good Girl Deprogramming Podcast, scheduled to start in September, will feature insightful conversations, storytelling, and practical tips for navigating workplace dynamics and fostering a more inclusive atmosphere. Additionally, for those curious about how good girl conditioning might be impacting their work life, the Good Girl Deprogramming Quiz offers valuable insights and practical advice based on Michelle Minnikin’s book, “Good Girl Deprogramming.”

The audio version of “Good Girl Deprogramming” will be available next month, providing an opportunity to explore this thought-provoking content in a format that fits a busy schedule.

For individuals interested in becoming certified Good Girl Deprogrammers, the Work Pirates Workshops offer training to deliver valuable workshops and promote a more inclusive workplace culture.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Michelle and Ben talked about:

  • ‘Good Girl Deprogramming’ and the coercive control techniques used on women and the impact on their behavior in society and workplaces.
  • Advocating for workplace flexibility and gender equality to create a fair and accommodating environment for all employees.
  • How to stop the perpetuation of toxic gender roles.
  • Work Pirates Workshop: Certified Good Girl Deprogramming services.
  • “Good Girl Deprogramming” Podcast to start soon.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Michelle!


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Michelle Minnikin – Psychologist, Coach & Author – Good Girl Deprogramming®

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