In a recent episode of the HR business marketing podcast, A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Allan Tsang, International Negotiation Coach for Executives, about strategies to drive profits and foster collaborative work.

Allan Tsang

With over a decade of experience, Allan has guided clients through more than 10,000 negotiations, ranging from $10K to $250MM.

Allan Tsang founded 88 Owls to help people overcome their fear of negotiations, build stronger agreements, and achieve their goals without compromising, especially when the stakes are high.

Allan is currently developing and co-delivering a negotiation program at Virginia Tech, further establishing himself as a thought leader for future negotiators. As co-author of “Negotiation Mythbusters: Rethinking Everything You Know About Negotiation,” he challenges outdated wisdom with his expertise.

Mentored by renowned coach Jim Camp and trained alongside former FBI Crisis Negotiation Chief Gary Noesner, Allan integrates their proven approaches to excel in building positive business relationships. His unique skill set has helped clients succeed in high-stakes negotiations with industry giants like Google, Boeing, PepsiCo, and Microsoft.

Having guided nearly 1000 companies and thousands of professionals, Allan’s expertise in strategic negotiation, conflict resolution, and talent development leads organizations to successful outcomes. He helps clients navigate negotiation complexities, create effective plans, and close mutually beneficial deals.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Allan and Ben talked about:

  • Key skills and behaviors for effective negotiation and conflict resolution within organizations.
  • How HR professionals can navigate the transition to consulting by mastering negotiation skills and closing profitable deals.
  • Addressing potential profit leaks due to inefficiency, pricing concessions, and scope creep through improved negotiation strategies.
  • Allan’s advice on giving clients autonomy in decision-making and managing their expectations regarding changes in project scope.
  • Techniques for stress inoculation and developing better negotiation skills over time.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Allan!


Website: www.88owls.com

Allan Tsang – International Negotiation Coach for Executives

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