Vern Howard is the CEO and Co-Founder of the very impressive digital recruitment events platform, Hallo.

Hallo is a diversity recruiting platform that helps connect college students across the country with leading companies like Apple and Google.

The company has raised $1.9m in funding from Canaan Partners, Tribe Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and many other leading VCs.

As they say themselves, Hallo helps your company engage with the next generation of talent while learning valuable data-driven insights about your brand.

Let’s find out how.

During the course of our discussion, I asked Vern:

  • Tell us a little about your background and what led you to the formation of ​Hallo​?
  • What does ​Hallo do? How do you help your customers?
  • Where do you think we are now in terms of ​diversity & inclusion in recruitment ​and workplaces these days? ​Are we making progress?
  • How did ​Hallo get ​its first few ​customers? What are your main marketing channels for getting new ​customers now?
  • Do​es Hallo ​ever partner with other companies or consultants in the HR world?
  • I saw you raised some VC capital. Can you tell us about that: why did the VCs decide to back you and what tips do you have for other HR Tech firms looking to raise money?​
  • What do you see coming down the road for HR and the world of work and how should listeners get prepared for these changes?

If you want to get in touch with Vern, reach out to him via the Hallo website.

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Over to Vern (thanks Vern) . . .

Interview With Vern Howard of Hallo

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