Personio is a fast-growing, well-funded software startup based in Munich that offers a holistic HR and applicant management software designed for companies with 10 to 2000 employees.

Growing an HR software company - Personio

With its 300 or so employees from 34 different countries, Personio works on making the day-to-day business operations of HR teams around the world more efficient, transparent and effortless.

I met with CEO & Co-Founder, Hanno Renner, at the recent SaaStock tech conference to talk all about growing an HR software company.

Growing an HR software comapny - Hanno Renner

Hanno and I chatted over coffee about why he and the team started Personio, how it has grown, and how the company partners with other HR companies and HR consultants.

If you are an in-house HR professional or part of an HR consulting business, do get in touch with the team at Personio to see how they can help your business.

Before we get started . . .

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Over to Hanno . . .

Growing A Business Process Outsourcing Company – Personio

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