I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Denise Meyerson, CEO of Play 4 Business.

Denise Meyerson

Denise is a Board Member, CEO, and Management Consultant with over 30 years of board-level experience, particularly in the education, training & workforce development industry.

Previous to her current venture, Denise led an education company that was sold to a listed company on the South African Stock Exchange.

Denise was awarded ‘Learning and Development Professional of the Year’ by the AITD and she’s one of the first four master trainers globally of the LEGO Serious Play methodology.

The online LEGO Serious Play methodology is a powerful way of engaging groups to ensure meaningful and fully interactive facilitated workshops. As a facilitator of this incredible process, you learn how to design, plan and facilitate sessions for your clients or for your organization. 

In a wide-ranging discussion, Denise and I talked about:

  • Denise’s background and her success in the corporate training industry.
  • Play 4 Business and the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology.
  • Denise’s advice when it comes to marketing and growing a successful HR business.
  • What does the future hold for HR and the world of work?
  • And much more.

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Ok, over to Denise (thanks Denise!) . . .

Denise Meyerson of Play 4 Business On Growing An International Training Business

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