I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Neil Kelly, Founder of Talent Sandbox, a complete training solution, designed to empower TA teams and individuals that might be new to the profession, transitioning from agency to in-house, or those in need of a refresh.

Neil Kelly

Neil is a specialist in Talent Acquisition, Organisational Design, and Talent Development. He advises fast-growing businesses on the most effective ways to accelerate sustainable growth, through their talent. Neil has a Masters in Human Resources and is a current Fellow of CIPD.

Each of the courses designed by Talent Sandbox has been skilfully crafted by a team of TA experts and sits upon an immersive platform, combining real-world exercises, interactive activities, and valuable resources to take back into the role.

Building from a foundation level upwards, Talent Sandbox empowers recruiters to attract, find and hire exceptional people more effectively in today’s digital and diverse world.

Dedicated to leaving recruitment in a better state than we found it, Talent Sandbox is trusted by organisations around the world.

We intend to create an environment where talent acquisition can flourish. Where individuals see value in their role, feel valued by their organisation, and bring value to the table, every single day. Talent Acquisition shouldn’t be an HR steppingstone, or something people ‘fall into’, it’s an extensive, rewarding, and fulfilling career.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, Neil and I talked about:

  • How Talent Sandbox provides structured training for individuals and businesses.
  • Focus on developing people to improve business metrics and performance, while making learning accessible and inclusive to all.
  • The limitations of video-based courses and how written content can be more helpful in some cases.
  • The importance of a growth and learning mindset to keep up with technology and new ways of working.
  • Their free resources and content.
  • How Neil and the team are growing Talent Sandbox.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Neil!

Episode 200 – Neil Kelly on Growing Talent Sandbox (Talent Acquisition Training Platform For TA Teams)

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Enjoy the show!

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