In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with George Akle, Founder and HR Governance Expert at GOVERNHR, a company specialising in HR Governance, delivering strategic solutions that drive compliance, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency.

With their expertise in HR Riskonomics, GOVERNHR helps organisations address challenges like compliance, succession planning, crisis management, and tech implementation. They also assist in Run HR As A Business, aligning HR practices with strategic goals, and driving innovation and accountability.

In this engaging conversation, George explains the two fundamental aspects of GOVERNHR™: HR Riskonomics and Run HR As A Business.

HR Riskonomics involves strategically recognising and addressing risks within the HR function, such as compensation, employee turnover, vendor management, and technology implementation.

On the other hand, Run HR As A Business focuses on aligning HR practices with an organisation’s strategic goals and financial objectives.

George Akle

As an industry-leading HR professional with 25 years of diverse experience, George has built a successful career by holding regional and global roles. His journey includes serving as the HR Chief Operating Officer (COO) for an Investment Bank in the Asia Pacific, where he was responsible for HR Governance across 17 countries. He also held positions as Head of HR for South East Asia, Head of HR Services, and Regional Business Partner.

George’s extensive background in HR, finance, technology, operations, and executive leadership has equipped him with a unique skill set, allowing him to develop innovative HR governance solutions. GOVERNHR™ is the culmination of his passion and expertise, created to help organizations optimize their HR operations, safeguard their reputation and financial interests, and excel in their industry.

GOVERNHR™ leverages more than two decades of profound HR expertise, experience, and competence to establish a consultancy poised to enhance the efficiency of your HR functions within a structured framework. This approach empowers organizations to seamlessly execute the comprehensive HR Management Strategy by means of effective HR Governance.

In a wide-ranging discussion, George and Ben talked about:

  • HR Riskonomics focuses on recognizing and addressing risk within an HR function.
  • Running HR As A Business aligns HR practices with the strategic goals and financial objectives of organizations.
  • Common challenges that HR Riskonomics and Run HR As A Business can help solve for employers.
  • How organizations can work with Govern HR to implement HR Riskonomics and Run HR As A Business?
  • How speaking events and case studies help grow the business.
  • And much more!

Thanks, George!



George Akle, Founder and HR Governance Expert at GOVERNHR™

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