In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Lisa Newport, Founder of FAB Business Club, a supportive business network, focused on personal branding and style mentoring, specifically tailored for women in business.

Lisa Newport

With almost a decade of experience, she initially focused on helping women find their own unique style. As her business grew, Lisa discovered her passion for assisting women in the business world and decided to incorporate her background in design. Having trained in printed textile design and graphics, she found herself using her artistic skills not only for herself but also for others who sought her help in creating their own personal brand.

Lisa firmly believes that in today’s digital age, our online presence, including social media and other platforms, serves as our virtual shop window. It is through these channels that we communicate who we are and leave a lasting impression on others. Acknowledging that people form judgments within a remarkably short span of time, Lisa conducted extensive research on first impressions, finding that it takes just one-tenth of a second to make an impact.

Lisa Newport passionately dedicates herself to empowering women in business to curate an authentic and compelling online presence that represents and showcases their personal and professional achievements.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Lisa and I talked about:

  • How can personal brand and style mentoring benefit women in business?
  • How does the Fab Business Club provide support and a sense of belonging to women in business?
  • What advice does Lisa Newport give to those who are unsure where to start with their personal brand and style?
  • How Lisa is expanding her physical meetup business via an affiliate model.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Lisa!

Visit FAB Business Club website.

Lisa Newport, Founder – FAB Business Club

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