In a recent episode of the HR business marketing podcast, A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Benjamin Moróne, an American entrepreneur and innovator residing in Warsaw, Poland, the founder of Zabota, a company dedicated to recruiting top talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Before founding Zabota, Benjamin was one of the initial employees at a fast-growing tech startup in the United States, where he swiftly advanced through the ranks.

Benjamin Morone

Zabota specializes in placing pre-vetted, European, English-speaking talent in businesses. They offer a comprehensive service that includes intensive headhunting, leveraging AI for vetting, and understanding local work ethics and values. saves costs for clients while increasing generational wealth for talented individuals globally. They handle the entire hiring process, from strategy and attraction to vetting, interviewing, and onboarding, ensuring a perfect fit for the client’s needs. Additionally, they offer a guarantee, replacing hires for free if necessary.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Benjamin and Ben talk about:

  • Benjamin’s journey with Zabota – building a business while living in a different country.
  • Hiring overseas talent brings diverse perspectives and specialized expertise to a company.
  • Zabota’s fee structure, includes the 90-day guarantee for single placements and the retainer for unlimited hires.
  • Utilizing social media platforms like Twitter for client acquisition and networking.
  • Zabota’s approach to soliciting client testimonials and feedback.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Benjamin!



Benjamin Moróne – Founder of Zabota – Recruitment of Talent in EE & LATAM

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