In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Bill Reed, New York Times Bestselling Author, PMA Award Finalist, Harvard Neuroscience Certified, Navy Veteran, Product Marketing Expert Certified in PMM, ABM, Sales Enablement, and Leadership. He is also the Board Director & CMO of RemotelyMe, a veteran-owned business running on and partnered with EOSĀ® Worldwide.

Bill Reed

RemotelyMe is dedicated to helping organizations find the right people and prospects for the right seats and solutions, in the right way. Remote and hybrid teams are challenged with high stress, low trust, and difficult communication. Traditional solutions for candidate and prospect profiling are decades old, not based on visual neuroscience, are too complex, and often break the bank.

RemotelyMe offers the only platforms and consulting services that use cognitive AI and visual neuroscience to discern trust, which Deloitte says can drive 400% more business performance, 88% more customer success, and 79% more productivity.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Bill and Ben talked about:

  • The challenges that remote work has brought to the issue of trust in organizations.
  • How can visual neuroscience assessments help in measuring and improving trust in the workplace?
  • Why do traditional methods like engagement surveys and personality tests have low validity rates when it comes to assessing trust?
  • Understanding the different parts of the brain and their dominance helps in determining an individual’s trust factors.
  • How does building a high-trust environment in an organization lead to improved customer loyalty and productivity?
  • Tangible steps organizations can take to build a high-trust environment for their employees.
  • How can HR teams and executives incorporate the principles of visual neuroscience and trust-building in their strategies for employee engagement and development?
  • Bill’s advice for growing a business in the HR space.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Bill!

Visit RemotelyMe website.

Bill Reed, Board Director&CMO – RemotelyMe

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