In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Bob Pulver, Principal and Founder of Cognitive Path, an advisory firm that specializes in helping businesses leverage responsible and compliant AI in their HR software.

Bob Pulver is a seasoned transformation leader and strategist renowned for challenging conventions and solving complex enterprise problems. With a rich background in assisting organizations such as IBM and NBCUniversal, he excels in merging emerging technologies and collective intelligence to propel the evolution of work.

Bob Pulver

Transitioning to the startup realm, Bob has become a talent technology leader, strategic advisor, and HR technology industry analyst, leveraging his diverse expertise across people, processes, data, and technology. His reputation as an empathetic communicator and trusted advisor underscores his ability to convey the value and impact of systemic change, making him a catalyst for innovation and operational optimization.

With 25 years of experience in high-tech and media industries, Bob offers independent expertise to businesses of all sizes through Cognitive Path.

Specializing in optimizing human potential through technologies like automation and AI, they provide comprehensive client services, including gap analysis, project planning, and clear communication of expectations. For talent technology vendors, Cognitive Path offers insights into target markets, user experience, content marketing, and tailored services.

Bob is here to shed light on the importance of compliant AI in HR software and how Cognitive Path is helping employers navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. With new legislation emerging globally, it is crucial for businesses to understand how to use data and technology responsibly and ethically. Bob provides valuable insights on anti-bias legislation and how it impacts HR practices. He also discusses Cognitive Path’s role as an advisory firm and auditor, helping organizations select the right HR technology and ensuring compliance with legislation.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Bob and Ben talked about:

  • Using AI to enhance HR processes and improve human potential.
  • Risks and challenges associated with using AI in HR.
  • Key considerations when selecting HR technology that incorporates AI.
  • The benefits of conducting an audit to ensure compliance with AI-related legislation and ethical standards.
  • Growing the business through industry conferences and community calls.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Bob!

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Cognitive Path website:

Bob Pulver, Principal and Founder of Cognitive Path

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