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How To Get More HR Clients From Your Company Blog – 13 HR Companies Share Their Tips

It can be a lot of hard work to produce and maintain an effective company blog so today we’re looking at how to get more HR clients from your company blog.

How To Get More HR Clients From Your Company Blog

Read on for quick tips and ideas from people currently working in Human Resources companies on how to best use your company blog for client acquisition.

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Best HR Marketing Plan For Human Resources Companies In 2019

Looking for your ideal HR marketing plan and marketing tactics to get more clients in the Human Resources industry?

In this in-depth post, we’ll be walking through a simple four-step framework to develop your optimal marketing strategy plan to get new leads or sales coming into your email box every day:

  1. Use Market Segmentation To Become Super Attractive To Your Target Market
  2. Create An HR Content Marketing Funnel To Attract Business Clients
  3. The Right Marketing Mix For Your HR Business
  4. Create An Easy Marketing Process To Improve Your Marketing Over Time

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Growing A Recruitment Tech Platform – Q & A With AnyGood?

How To Grow A RecruitmentTech Business – Q & A With Juliet Eccleston of AnyGood?

Juliet Eccleston

The HRTech and, specifically, the RecruitmentTech industry continues to grow rapidly.

In this conversation, I asked Juliet Eccleston of AnyGood? for her thoughts on how to grow a RecruitmentTech business. 

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How To Launch A New HR Startup – The Inside Story Of Wagestream’s Launch & Rapid Growth

They were some of the most awkward conversations I ever had as a young Human Resources professional . . .

Employees who, in embarrassing moments for everyone involved, had come in to HR to see if the company could give them an advance on their pay.

The reasons varied.

The car had broken down leaving them stranded with no way to get to work; a sudden illness in the family; some other sad, unfair cause of stress for a valued member of the team.

Solving Employee Cash Flow Problems – Wagestream

For all the public controversy that continues to swirl around payday loan companies and their vicious interest rates that can hit more than 5,000% in some cases, there’s still an underlying issue that gets forgotten about: the strain on the individual employee who desperately needs the money.

The financial strain was even addressed in the excellent US best-selling autobiography, Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance.

That’s why I was very interested to talk to Adam Hankin at Wagestream, a new alternative to payday loans.

“A few months ago, Wagestream didn’t even exist, yet they now offer their financial support to over 30,000 employees.”

A few months ago, this HR tech company didn’t even exist, yet they have grown so rapidly that they now make their financial support available to over 30,000 employees in well-known companies across the UK and, soon, beyond.

Not only that, they’ve also gained funding from some of the biggest names around, including Village Global, a venture capital fund backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Adam and I talked about how to launch a new HR startup and about the inside story of Wagestream’s rapid growth. Continue reading

6 Simple Ways To Get Consulting Clients From Your Next Conference Speech

In theory, it’s the perfect plan . . .

Stand in front of a roomful of sales prospects, deliver valuable information, receive a standing ovation, and then get consulting clients from your next conference speech, lots of them.

The reality can be quite different.

It can be very disheartening to spend hours on writing and rehearsing your speech, then battling nerves to get your presentation right, only to find that, even weeks later, no-one from the audience has contacted you about your services or even visited your website.

Today, we’ll look at the reasons why this happens and then discuss easy ways to fix the problem in order to get consulting clients from your next conference speech.

I’ll also share an example from my own experience.

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6 Questions To Improve Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign To Acquire More HR Clients in 2019

Wondering how to improve your Google Adwords PPC campaign or even whether to run one at all in order to get more customers for your HR SaaS product or to find more consulting clients?

With all the talk of Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook algorithm changes, people sometimes forget what a powerful channel Google Adwords can be.

If you’d like a free audit of your Google Adwords campaign and some advice on how to reduce your costs while bringing in more new clients, visit the PPC Marketing For HR Companies page (offer ends soon).

However, things can go wrong. Very wrong.

  • Cost Per Click can go through the roof.
  • Visits may not convert.
  • Bad keyword planning may cause havoc with your Google Adwords return on investment.

Don’t believe me? I once did an audit of a B2B PPC campaign only to discover that one of the search terms costing clicks was something to do with the boy band, One DirectionNow that’s Broad Match gone awry . . .

Google Adwords Expert On How To Improve Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign

In order to help you get a better return on investment from your Adwords spend, I’ve called upon PPC expert, Carl, for his insights and advice. How to improve your Google Adwords PPC campaign for HR customers - Carl

Carl has a wealth of PPC experience across Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, for many ambitious B2B businesses – perfect for people like you wondering how to improve your Google Adwords PPC campaign performance.

In a lively discussion, Carl and I discussed the following questions: 

  1. Is Google Adwords still worth doing now that LinkedIn and Facebook have improved their advertising platforms?
  2. How to choose the right keywords?
  3. What is the ideal campaign structure? Anything to watch out for?
  4. Should ad extensions be used?
  5. How to fix an expensive, under-performing PPC campaign?
  6. Any special suggestions for HR consultants and HR tech companies? 

Let’s get into it . . .  Continue reading

How To Get More HR Tech Clients In 2019 – Q&A With Thymometrics

Continuing in my series which examines how different businesses in the Human Resources sector acquire new clients, today we’re looking at a very interesting business that crosses the border between tech and consulting.

We’ll hear from David Godden about how he and the team at Thymometrics have been busy growing their innovative employee engagement company.

How To Get More HR Clients – Q&A With David Godden

During a very interesting business growth discussion, I asked David the following questions: David Godden of Thymometrics

  • What does your business do?
  • Do you focus on a niche within the market or do you serve all businesses (if so, how do you try to stand-out from competitors)?
  • What are some effective ways you have acquired new clients?
  • Any ineffective ways to find new customers? Why didn’t they work so well?
  • Any tips on interesting people, websites, tools, podcasts, or books to check out?

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