Did you know that for every 100 potential new clients that visit a typical B2B website, anywhere from 90% to 100% of those people will leave and never come back?

Host of the A Better HR Business podcast - Ben Geoghegan
Host of the ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast – Ben Geoghegan

Today, there’s a particular problem we want to help you solve:

Why doesn’t your business website bring in more new clients for your Human Resources business?

(As always, when we say the HR industry, we mean all the areas such as recruitment, learning & development, employee engagement, HR compliance, and so on).

We’re going to walk you through 10 questions to ask yourself about your business website.

Some of the 10 questions include:

✔️ Is your website a brochure site or is it a client acquisition funnel?

✔️ Are you answering WIIFM?

✔️ Are you making use of remarketing technology?

✔️ And plenty more.

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Ok, let’s get your website working hard for you . . .

Here’s Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring In More New Clients For Your HR Business

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How To Convert Website Visitors Into HR Clients – Advice From HR Business Leaders

How to convert website visitors into HR clients

Siobhan Hasner

CEO @ HireHive

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers - Siobhan

“We focus very much on inbound marketing at HireHive as our long term customer acquisition strategy and we want to offer content that is useful and offers value.

People don’t want to be sold to, they are looking for valuable information that will help them in some way. For this reason we have worked hard on creating useful recruitment content in our blog, send out a regular newsletter and share whitepapers and guides on things like interviewing best practice and GDPR information for recruitment data.

The next most important part is the follow up! So often we sign up for something and are left hanging. It is so important to follow up and build a relationship with people. These conversations are what drive opportunities.”

HireHive is easy to use recruitment software that helps you hire. From candidate acquisition, job board posting and candidate management we have it covered allowing you to get on with hiring great people.

Get more HR customers from your website

Keith Kitani

CEO @ GuideSpark

Keith Kitani - Convert more HR customers

“Educate and provide value to your market. Much of the purchasing process (research, talking to colleagues, competition, etc.) now happens prior to prospects actually engaging with a salesperson. Thus, we believe it is critical to build a relationship with your prospects, long before they become customers. Content is one of the best ways to deliver value and so we’ve invested a lot of energy in creating a site for the HR community that provides thought leadership, news and views on employee communication and engagement.”

GuideSpark delivers modern employee communication solutions designed to drive the engagement and adoption of employee programs, like benefits, compensation, performance management and culture.

Keith Kitani HR marketing quote

Eli Domínguez

Marketing Manager @ Talent Clue

Eli - Website conversion tip

“First of all, you have to deeply understand the needs, pains and frustrations of the ideal customer you’re trying to attract and convert. Investigating about your current customers and developing buyer personas will help you focus on your primary ideal buyers and you’ll be able to detect how they feel, what solution they’re looking for and will shed light to how your product solves their needs.

Then, if you prioritize the needs in what’s critical for them and what’s not, you can define a content calendar to address those needs. Talk like they do and promote the content on the channels they are actually on. It will most likely be LinkedIn, so keep your company page updated, connect with relevant HR people, get your team on board and engaged on sharing content for you…

Keep the blog layout clean and simple, so they can focus on reading and make it easy for them to navigate to the call-to-action and convert to your marketing offer. Don’t bother them with too many pop-ups and distractions. Content needs to be helpful -really helpful, and relevant for these people. Cut the “my product is awesome” bullshit and help them solve their problems. As easy as that!

Think in evergreen content, that blog posts that will always be searched for, and update and optimize them frequently. Keep your content alive, don’t just promote it the week you launch it on, but use it whenever you can: sales emails, email nurturing, workflows, social media, convert it to ebooks, webinars…

And, of course, measure everything: you have to know what worked well for you and why, so you can keep on doing it. And you need to know what content is not helpful for anyone and why, so you can solve it.

Blog passionately and try to do it with your own style. Don’t just be someone else: be different!”

Talent Clue is a recruiting software that helps you boost your employer brand to connect with the best talent and hire them in less time.

Eli - Website conversion quote

David Niu

CEO @ TINYpulse

David - Website conversion tip

“It’s important to go beyond marketing qualified leads– yes, we all want form fills and interaction with the website. But at the end of the day, if you’re not following customers all the way to successful conversion, and understanding what delights your existing customers, then you limit your visibility.”

“Part of that is building a good relationship with sales after that MQL has entered the pipeline, because they are your eyes and ears. They can tell you which content is leading to better conversations, and which campaigns are driving the sort of leads that they can convert. Then, following those new clients through their Customer Success Manager, to understand if your first touches with them on the website set them up for success right from the start.

TINYpulse is a simple, all-service tool that helps employers manage every moment of the employee experience from hire, to inspire, to retire.

By collecting regular feedback from employees, TINYpulse is able to provide actionable insights for managers looking to nurture culture and engagement, and increase retention.

David - Website conversion quote

Cody Sklar

COO @ TalentSnap

Cody - Get more HR clients from website conversion tip

“Don’t be afraid to give it away. Offer something for free, whether it’s advice, a brochure, a trial, or a ‘cheat sheet’ of your own.

If someone is going to pay you for your services, it’s not because you’ve kept your process a secret from them – it’s because they believe in what you do, and more importantly, how you do it.

If you’re fortunate enough to have someone visit your website, blog , or social media profiles, don’t let them leave empty-handed. Send them off with something to remember you buy. That way, the next time they’re thinking about using a product or service like yours, you’ll hopefully be top-of-mind and in the evoked set of brands being considered.”

TalentSnap’s Chrome Extension is a recruiter’s best friend. Our FitScore technology leverages Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics, ensuring our customers hire the absolute best talent.

Cody - Get more HR clients from website conversion tip

Pablo Fuentes

CEO @ Proven


“Make sure to take advantage of website chat.

A lot of people prefer to chat online with companies rather than use the phone. If you don’t have a way for customers to reach you via chat, you are missing out on a lot of potential money.

Prior to supporting chat on Proven, we had potential customers finding us on Facebook to send us messages, that’s how much they preferred chat over picking up the telephone.

Install a chat program today and pay someone monitor it. You will make the money back in no time.”

Proven is a job board for small businesses. They post your job to hundreds of job boards and make it easy to organize the results.

Pablo Quote

Sean Sears

Chairman @ Sagecrowd

Sean Sears HR marketing

“One of the best approaches is to cut through the content marketing noise by using your expertise to teach people something they don’t know but that they value.

For instance, we build better learning models for comprehensive training of large, geographically dispersed teams, so we’ve shared hidden learnings about training and career development that many people don’t know.

This got us a lot of attention and helped strengthen our marketing efforts.

Sagecrowd has created the ideal online training platform to help large teams adopt new ideas, methods, skills & behaviors. Their focus is on helping enterprises implement large change programs that make them more competitive.

Sean Sears HR marketing quote

Marc Samoisette

Principal @ Elevate Coaching

“Prospects don’t really care about what you do or sell. They only care if you can help them with an immediate need that they have. Tip: Formulate in plain language the one big result your service or product delivers in a way that it can be said in 5 seconds or less and a 12-year-old can understand. No buzz-words. No matter if it’s a web page or a face to face conversation the best approach is to start with the one big result. This is your “why”. Then follow through with the reasons this is important for your prospects. This will give them the sense that you understand. Then and only then follow that with the benefits. They can be financial, physical, emotional or maybe even spiritual. This formula works wonders with my clients and helps them close more business. Try it!”

Elevate Coaching helps companies and individuals reach their selling potential.

Marc S tip

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Original post published 31 July 2020. Updated in November 2023.