Launched in 2012 and now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the talent acquisition and engagement platform, LiveHire helps leading organisations build extraordinary workforces, fast.

I recently spoke with Jon Bowker from LiveHire (ASX:LVH) about marketing for HR Tech startups and how to grow an HR Tech company.

LiveHire is the award-winning, cloud-based talent acquisition tech company behind the Live Talent Ecosystem, where people connect privately with Live Talent Communities of the best employer brands. LiveHire dramatically accelerates your end-to-end hiring process and revolutionises your candidate engagement and recruiter experience.

Apart from the latest Aussie Rules results, Jon and I talked about these things:

  • What does LiveHire do and who does it help?
  • How LiveHire has positioned itself in the market.
  • LiveHire’s Women In Tech initiative.
  • How LiveHire has grown so quickly. Their main marketing channels and advice for new HR tech startups.
  • Explanation of LiveHire’s partnership types. How HR consultants and HR Tech firm partner with LiveHire for mutual benefit.
  • What challenges or changes Jon sees in the HR industry in the near future and his advice for HR leaders.

And plenty more.

Before we begin . . .

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