Special Update (April 2020) 

Check out the upcoming Virtual Collaboration Zone which is run by HR Tech Alliances.

During this one-day online event, you can attend any education roundtables that you want.

You can even set-up private one-on-one video calls with potential partners that include HR technology and service companies.

Ward Christman is a good person to know if you’re an HR Tech founder.

I recently spoke with Ward from HR Tech Advisor about marketing for HR Tech startups and how to grow an HR Tech company.

Ward and I talked about these things:

  • What HR Tech Advisor does and who it helps.
  • Advice for HR companies on growing indirect sales and partnerships.
  • Business growth advice to HR consultants and HR tech firms thinking of attending conferences either as delegates or as exhibitors.
  • Change and challenges now and in the future for the HR industry.

And much more.

About The ‘A Better HR Business’ Podcast

I write the Get More HR Clients blog for HR Tech companies as a former HR professional who has moved across to the marketing side of business.

In my HR marketing podcast, I talk with different HR consultants and HR tech from around the world to learn about what they do and how they keep their businesses healthy and moving in the right direction.

If you have questions you want me to ask me about marketing for HR tech companies, just let me know.

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Enjoy the show!