Wondering how to sell HR services to employers?

Here is some expert HR sales advice from B2B sales expert, Jamie Martin, on selling Human Resources services.

Jamie Martin is an award-winning sales professional who is passionate about sales training to help businesses grow by getting better at selling HR services.

Discussion On How To Sell HR Services

How To Sell HR Services - Jamie Martin

Jamie joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

  • How to map out or define a business’s sales process and sales strategy?
  • How to get more clients from LinkedIn now that it is so crowded since the coronavirus pandemic and what’s the right way to do messaging on LinkedIn?
  • What’s the best way to move someone from a LinkedIn conversation to a phone call?
  • What’s your recommended process for consultants to run a sales call on Zoom with a prospective new B2B client?
  • Many consultants in the HR world love brainstorming, educating, and sharing good ideas. The problem is, they can sometimes give away too much information or planning advice on a sales call to the extent that the prospective new client becomes convinced that they do it themself. What’s your advice on how not to give away the farm on a sales call?
  • How should people handle the old chestnut? – “Send us the details or a proposal and we’ll take a look at it.”
  • If a consulting firm is not converting enough sales calls into new clients, what should they do?
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Selling Human Resources Business Services (Highlights)

Want to skip ahead?

  • 04:50 – Customer buying journey & lead generation
  • 07:15 – HR business service sales strategy and process analysis
  • 09:15 – Utilising social media for selling
  • 10:50 – Millennial’s buying behaviour
  • 17:50 – Social media activity and engagement to progress a prospect on LinkedIn to a phone call
  • 20:40 – Top Tips for Video Conference Meetings. Free Download: Correct Careers Coaching – Video Conference Meetings – Top Tips
  • 20:40 – Top Tips for Video Conference Meetings
  • 28:45 – Follow-up process

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Available Now: The B2B Sales Training for HR Consultants Course

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Over to Jamie (thanks Jamie!) . . .

HR Business Service Sales Interview With Jamie Martin

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