I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Adam Botterill, Co-Founder and CEO of Equal Employer®, a software company aiming to reduce or remove bias in the hiring and promotion processes, through a human-guided approach.

Adam Botterill

With a diverse background spanning various sectors, Adam has immersed himself in the corporate world since his departure from the Royal Marines in 2005. Throughout his career, he has occupied roles in Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Management, both in manufacturing and contracting. This multifaceted experience has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of business operations and the vital role each department plays in achieving overall success.

In April 2021, together with a friend, Adam set out with a goal to improve workplace equality after being frustrated by employers ticking boxes and using people as tokens to validate their stance on EDI.

Equal Employer® is a groundbreaking solution that empowers employers to overcome bias during the hiring process and select the most qualified candidates. Their comprehensive software suite includes an applicant tracking system (ATS) auditing tool, which ensures organizations can identify and address bias in their hiring practices.

With the Equal Employer® ATS, organizations benefit from a guided and streamlined hiring and promotion process, saving both time and money. The software maintains the human element in decision-making while implementing robust standards to remove bias. Through a user-friendly mobile and web application, organizations can easily monitor and audit their hiring practices to ensure fairness at every step.

Equal Employer® is committed to providing equal opportunities for all candidates. Their unique process ensures that every decision-making junction offers an unbiased chance to each individual, allowing organizations to attract and select the most suitable and successful candidates for their businesses.

As a recognition of an organization’s commitment to fair and ethical recruitment, Equal Employer® offers the highly regarded Equal Employer certification. This certification brings a range of benefits, including performance improvement, cost-saving efficiencies, commitment to DE&I recognition, increased employee retention, enhanced candidate experience, and contribution to an equal society.

Equal Employer® serves as a trusted partner in achieving fair hiring practices and creating a more inclusive workplace. Their mission is to unlock the transformative power of equality and diversity within organizations.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Adam and I talked about:

  • Equal Employer®’s solution to create a standardized promotion and hiring process using a human-guided approach.
  • The software allows employers to customize their framework for hiring.
  • The automated application process can identify top candidates quickly in a fast-paced market.
  • How an organization can benefit from the certification process offered by Equal Employer®.
  • How Adam and the team plan to get the word out about their new business.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Adam!

Adam Botterill, Co-Founder and CEO of Equal Employer®

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