I’ve spoken with many HR Consultants and a common theme is a desire for retainers and recurring income.

Today on A Better HR Business I look at one way HR consultants in the UK can do this by partnering with Breathe, an HR software designed for SMEs in the UK.

breathe - hr software in the uk

I chatted with Georgina Sillett (Strategic Partnership Manager) and Nick Hardy (Content Marketing Manager) at Breathe about:

  • A quick overview of the HRIS SaaS company, Breathe – what it does and who it helps.
  • How Breathe has positioned itself in the HR software market.
  • Breathe has produced a lot of educational/marketing content. What are Breathe’s top 20% most popular pieces of content?
  • Explanation of Breathe’s partnership types. How could an HR consultant or an HR Tech firm partner with Breathe? What gets paid, how is it tracked, etc?
  • What about partnership marketing opportunities? (Co-written books, webinars, etc)
  • What challenges or changes do they see in the HR industry in the near future? What are the hot topics people should follow?
  • And plenty more.

Before we begin . . .

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Over to the Georgina and Nick . . .

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Show Notes


This is the recorded webinar that Breathe ran with The Tech Trust, and HR Inspire.

Here’s a recent blog post from Nick regarding GDPR and subject access requests.

HR Consultants – If you want to learn more about partnering with Breathe, you can make contact with Georgina via email at georgina@breathehr.com or by phone on 01403 288701.

You can also visit the Partner pages on the Breathe website and use the contact form there.

You can find Georgina on LinkedIn.

You can Nick on LinkedIn too.

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