In between leftover turkey sandwiches and re-runs of Home Alone, you may be blessed with a little quiet time during the Christmas break.

It might be beneficial to use some of that quiet time to think about how you’ll make 2019 an amazing year for your Human Resources business.

Here is a collection of Christmas reading to help you grow your HR business.

Interview With Recruitment Tech Company, AnyGood

In this conversation, I asked Juliet Eccleston of AnyGood? for her thoughts on how to grow a RecruitmentTech business.

Juliet and her team have been making excellent progress in the Recruitment Tech industry.

On a side note, you probably already know that I am a big fan of business partnerships.

I was particularly interested to learn about AnyGood?’s partnership with Beam. Take a look . . .

8 B2B Experts Share Advice On How To Convert Website Visitors Into HR Clients

I sought out people actively working in B2B businesses like yours right now for quick tips that would help you bring in more HR clients and HR customers from your website visitors.

6 Simple Ways To Get Consulting Clients From Your Next Conference Speech

Some people make a living from speaking at conferences because they know they can make sales or win new clients from the stage.

Others complain that they go to a lot of time and effort to craft an insightful presentation and deliver it with gusto only to hear silence from their phone afterwards.

Here are six ideas to consider . . .

How To Make More HR Tech Sales

What is it with Canadians?

Is it a condition of citizenship that all Canadians must be super nice and great at what they do?

Either way, I really enjoyed this quick chat with HR Tech sales guru, Pat Lavergne.

How To Make Your HR Business Stand Out

Ever been at a business networking event and told someone about your business and they’ve replied with: “Oh, that’s just like XYZ company,” leaving you ever so slightly deflated?

With such saturation in every business market, you absolutely need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s are some ideas to help you . . .

How To Get More Clients From Company Blog

I’m a big believer in having a combination of Fast and Slow marketing channels running at the same time.

Fast methods include channels such as Google Adwords, cold email outreach, and so on. They are often time-consuming or expensive but can produce results quickly.

Slow methods like company blogs rely more on the flywheel concept.

“The premise of the flywheel is simple. A flywheel is an incredibly heavy wheel that takes huge effort to push. Keep pushing and the flywheel builds momentum. Keep pushing and eventually it starts to help turn itself and generate its own momentum–and that’s when a company goes from good to great.”

jeff haden,

A company blog can be so powerful but it takes time and effort to get it right.

Here’s how other Human Resources companies are doing it . . .

How To Improve Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign

If you’ve got someone running a Google Adwords campaign for your HR business, my go-to PPC expert has some good advice for you . . .

How To Write A Blog That Attracts More B2B HR Customers

Following on from the flywheel concept (a company blog takes time to build up but can be so powerful once it’s moving), here’s a little more detail on how to get the most out of individual blog posts.

How To Use Cold B2B Outreach To Generate Sales HR Tech

If you want to acquire more B2B clients, particularly within the US, cold outreach and cold email is still proving to be very effective.

Learn how to do it right, here . . .

How To Create A Value Proposition For Your HR Company

In order to help you create the right unique value proposition for your Human Resources business, I asked my favourite branding and value proposition expert, Jill Pringle, for her advice.

How To Get More Employee Engagement Software Sales Leads From Capterra

I mentioned earlier that there are Fast and Slow ways to acquire new B2B customers.

The Capterra software comparison site is one of the fast ways.

However, Fast often means expensive.

Take a look at how you can manage your Capterra costs and get the best return on your investment.

How To Improve Your B2B Webinars In 2019

I’ve recently been doing a project for an HR client which has me speaking with a number of their biggest clients to learn about their situations and information needs.

More webinars” has been a recurring theme of the discussions.

Here’s how to run effective B2B webinars for your HR business.

How To Launch A New HR Startup – The Inside Story Of Wagestream’s Launch & Rapid Growth

I found this discussion fascinating because Wagestream is growing so quickly and they are getting so much coverage (it helps when you get mentioned in the UK’s House of Commons).

Note their use of partnerships . . .


This is just a snapshot of some of the topics I’ve covered but hopefully it’s enough to keep you going over the festive season.

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