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How To Start An HR Consulting Business In 2024 – Six Steps To Successfully Launch Your New Independent HR Consultancy

Wondering how to start an HR consulting business in 2024?

Yes, there’s a lot to consider but there’s a lot to be optimistic about too.

Now that the world has moved to hybrid work, there is a global market for new start-up HR consultancies to help employers get the best out of their workforce.

There is plenty of potential business out there in all aspects of HR consulting, including starting a generalist HR consulting business, recruitment business, leadership development consultancy, employee engagement consultancy, Diversity & Inclusion business, training, learning & development, employment law, and so on.

Below are 6 steps to guide you as you think about how to start your own Human Resources consulting business.

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Growing A Workplace Leadership Consultancy – with Paul Falcone

Ben was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Paul Falcone, a renowned expert on effective hiring, performance management, and leadership development, specializing in helping companies build higher-performing leadership teams.

Paul Falcone

Paul spent the last three decades in human resources executive roles at organizations including Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, NBCUniversal, Time Warner, and City of Hope Cancer Center Hospital. He is also a bestselling HarperCollins Leadership, SHRM, and American Management Association author and long-term contributor to HR Magazine.

Now, Paul is working directly with organizations of all sizes to help them build effective leadership and management teams. His personalized solutions let you build your ideal customized program, from one-time keynote speeches and webinars to ongoing coaching and training for individuals and teams.

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Growing A Leadership Accelerator For Women In HR – with Ruth Penfold-Brown from Bloom

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Ruth Penfold-Brown, Founder and Creator at Bloom, a leadership accelerator for women.

Ruth Penfold-Brown

Ruth is on a mission to empower women to confidently step up to the leadership table sooner, and truly bloom in their careers without the weight of imposter syndrome and the burden of burnout.

Ruth has worked in leadership roles with Shazam (the famous music app), Onfido (a financial technology company), and bp Launchpad (a clean-energy investment subsidiary of bp; a Fortune 500 top 40 company).

Bloom is a leadership accelerator that takes women in HR on a journey to unapologetically claim their seat at the table and lead with confidence, authenticity, and a clear sense of purpose.

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Executive Coaching For Leaders In Rapidly Changing Tech Companies – with Terrell Holmes from The Good Org

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Terrell Holmes, Founder of The Good Org, a coaching business that helps executives and teams in industry-leading tech organizations and start-ups weather the storms that come with rapid growth and major change. To do so, Terrell leverages his 15 years of working directly in the tech and marketing industries; facilitating programs for Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB); and working with companies like Apple, Bio-Rad, and Kongregate Games.

Terrell Holmes

Terrell is an organization development consultant who champions insight and communication as catalysts for change. Over 15 years in Marketing Technology, Terrell identified recurring issues in communication and relationship management, leading to the establishment of The Good Org, LLC to tackle these challenges head-on. By employing cutting-edge evidence-based practices, Terrell strives for tangible real-world impact.

Clients such as Apple, The City of Berkeley, eBay, Kaiser Permanente, Kongregate, and The State of California have benefitted from his expertise in leadership development, group dynamics, change management, and behavior.

To further his vision of transforming the American work landscape, Terrell engages in various professional pursuits. These include serving as a Peacebuilding Consultant, an Adjunct Professor of Organization Development at the University of San Francisco’s Masagung Graduate School of Management, and an Interpersonal Dynamics Group Facilitator at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

With 16 years of experience in advertising and marketing technology, Terrell possesses a unique understanding of the intricate complexities faced by rapidly-evolving organizations. He holds a Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) from the University of San Francisco, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies from Virginia Tech.

The Good Org offers the right solutions for individuals and companies seeking transformation. Their team of experienced coaches, trainers, and Organization Development practitioners can assist in assessing organizational goals and designing customized interventions to ensure their achievement.

The Good Org provides a range of services, including Power Sessions, 1:1 Leadership Development Coaching Package, and OD Consulting Services, all aimed at propelling employees and organizations to new heights. With their expertise and tailored approach, The Good Org empowers clients to unlock their full potential and drive meaningful change within their organizations.

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Growing An HR Consulting Business for SMEs with Doug Betts from Sure Betts HR Solutions

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Doug Betts, Founder of Sure Betts HR Solutions.

Doug Betts

Doug is an experienced HR professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. Throughout his career, he has dedicated 9 years to the Public Sector, working with organizations such as the Police, Local Government, and Further Education College.

Additionally, he has spent 11 years as a consultant in the Private sector, providing valuable insights to a diverse range of industries including Private Healthcare, Travel, Technology/MSP’s, Renewable Energy, Childcare Providers, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Not-for-Profit organizations.

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Growing A Professional Training and Coaching Business with Tammy Alvarez from Career Winners Circle

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Tammy Alvarez, CEO of Career Winners Circle, a professional training and coaching company that helps individuals and businesses navigate career transitions, thrive in executive roles, and grow their businesses effectively.

Tammy Alvarez

Tammy Alvarez is a visionary who serves as a catalyst for leaders to create a breakthrough performance for themselves and their businesses. Her unique approach blends decades of executive experience on Wall Street with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style that helps business professionals at all levels become the leader people choose to follow.

During her 20-year corporate career Tammy became a renowned business transformation and turnaround expert. She held roles as a Managing Director at AIG, First Senior Vice President at Bank Leumi USA, Chief Operating Officer at Genesis10 and Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Each role relied upon Tammy’s vision and leadership to drive large global business transformation initiatives.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Tammy and I talked about:

  • Tammy’s journey from Wall Street to starting her own company.
  • Career Winners Circle (CWC) helps individuals and businesses navigate career transitions, thrive in executive roles, and grow their businesses effectively.
  • The programs focus on career strategy, executive support, leadership development, operational design, and sales performance.
  • How CWC scales a coaching business by bringing in new coaches and using a revenue-sharing model.
  • The importance of focusing on customer needs and preferences to grow a business.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Tammy!

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Growing A Leadership Development Business with Vanessa Judelman from Mosaic People Development

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Vanessa Judelman, President of Mosaic People Development. For over 20 years, Vanessa has been helping clients to develop leaders who inspire great results. She is a speaker, facilitator, talent management consultant, and certified coach.

Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa has been a consultant and has worked in-house as a business leader. By combining these experiences, she designs and delivers programs that are practical, customized, and can be applied on the job immediately.

Vanessa’s goal is to develop great leaders at all levels by:

  • Coaching individual leaders to grow leaps and bounds in a short period of time.
  • Training new managers to successfully transition into a leadership role.
  • Providing senior leaders with the necessary tools to align their people with their business strategy.

Capabilities include:

  • Organizational Development and Talent Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Business facilitation

In a wide-ranging discussion, Vanessa and I talked about:

  • How Mosaic People Development focuses on developing leaders by offering training and executive coaching.
  • “Mastering Leadership” is an eight-module leadership program that takes leaders on a journey to help them evolve and build confidence.
  • Vanessa’s clients are those who are seeking leadership coaching, executive coaching, and leadership development programs.
  • Sharing learnings and advice from coaching work helps establish credibility and attract potential clients.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Vanessa!

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Starting and Growing An Online L&D Business – with Andrew Lawson from Just Ninety

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Andrew Lawson, Founder of Just Ninety, an L&D business focused on helping professional trainers shorten the design curve for online course creation, by providing ready-to-go training courseware.

We discussed how & why he pivoted from delivering only in-person corporate training to adding a whole new line of ready-to-go corporate training materials online.

Andrew Lawson

Andrew has 25 years of experience as a facilitator and trainer, 15 years of experience as a coach and mentor, and is the founding director of Best Practice Consulting. Since starting Best Practice Consulting, Andrew has worked with hundreds of organisations. During this time, he has worked with many senior leadership teams to build purpose and unity, and embed organisational culture.

Andrew is an excellent facilitator, trainer, and consultant, dedicated to bringing results through tailored approaches. He possesses high-level group facilitation skills and is known for being people-focused, clear in his communication, and innovative in his workshop approaches. He is highly sought after for his facilitation and advisory skills. with senior leadership teams, intact work teams, and individuals.

The courseware designed by Just Ninety helps trainers to reclaim their time on designing training courses, which allows them to deliver more courses and generate more revenue.

Andrew: “Our vision is to see trainers enjoying more work-life balance. These premium 90-minute courses for trainers are perfect for leveraging time and money.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, Andrew and I talked about:

  • The tumultuous journey of reinventing a training business during the pandemic.
  • How Just Ninety started and who it helps.
  • Using the AGES model to create more engaging training.
  • The advantages of using ready-to-go courses.
  • Just Ninety’s marketing growth strategy.
  • How L&D consultants, HR consultants, and other such businesses can partner with Just Ninety to add a new revenue stream and/or add value to their client engagements.
  • Andrew’s marketing advice for people in HR businesses.
  • And much more.
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What is HR Consulting & Why Become An HR Consultant?

What is HR consulting and why become an HR consultant?

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, organizations require HR consulting services to meet their human resource needs. HR consulting has become a popular profession due to the increasing demand for HR experts who can offer solutions and strategies to solve HR-related issues.

This article provides an in-depth look at what is HR consulting and why become an HR consultant, including the benefits of becoming an HR consultant, and how to actually become an HR consultant.

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Don Phin (HR Entrepreneur & Speaker) On How Our Lives Are Governed By The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Don Phin, HR entrepreneur, speaker, author, and mental fitness coach for executives.

Don Phin has been a California employment practices attorney since 1983. He litigated cases for 17 years, figured out how ridiculous it all was, and decided to help employees and companies avoid destructive dramas.

Don Phin

In 2002 Don built HR That Works which he sold to ThinkHR in 2014 (and ThinkHR became part of Mineral recently). After two years as a VP on the ThinkHR executive team, Don left as planned to begin his newest work on his most recent program, Great HR.

Don has written 6 books on the workplace, created dozens of training programs, and presented to hundreds of CEO, HR, and insurance groups. His goal is to help companies build powerful employment relationships that grow careers and the bottom line.

His book, ‘The 40/40 Solution: Mastering Emotional Energy in Leadership and Sales’ is the solution to ending painful and destructive dramas, whether in the boardroom, in coaching sessions, sales meetings, at home, or in conversations with yourself. Unlike most emotional intelligence books that focus on thinking your way through emotional problems, this book helps you learn how to feel your way through them. So that you can feel good about yourself afterward.

Don has created 10 courses for LinkedIn Learning (his programs there have had around 1 million views so far). He recently finished recording and producing the LinkedIn Learning program on Transferable Skills. LinkedIn has asked him to do a new program about Building a Skills-Based Organization.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Don and I talked about:

  • Transitioning from law attorney to the HR world.
  • Don has presented over 600 times -two-thirds of which have been to Vistage CEO groups – this has created a unique opportunity to understand the needs & wants of top leaders.
  • How to run an HR hotline with 3500 clients by yourself!
  • The decision to sell your business and move on.
  • Using white labeling to add extra value through your consulting service.
  • Don’s book, ‘The 40/40 Solution – Mastering Emotional Energy in Leadership and Sales’.
  • How the LinkedIn learning programs started.
  • And much more!

Thanks, Don!

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Growing A Conflict Management Consulting Firm – with Jeremy Pollack of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems (Organizational Peacebuilding, Training, and Coaching)

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D., CEO of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, and Founder of Peaceful Leaders Academy.

Jeremy Pollack

Jeremy is a social psychologist focusing on peace and conflict psychology. As a researcher, he studies cognitive, behavioral, and cultural patterns that tend to lead people into conflicts or into peace. He also studies how leaders play a role in creating systems of peace or conflict. He is further interested in the neuropsychological components of threat and fear and how acute stress responses (fight-flight) impact people’s capacities for optimal functioning, especially in social environments.

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems provides workplace conflict transformation services, including conflict analysis, peacebuilding interventions, coaching, training, and various other methodologies to help create more peaceful and productive organizational cultures.

What we do is mitigate those risks, increase efficiency, and decrease the stress. We do this by teaching leaders and employees how to communicate more effectively and rebuild mutual trust, through coaching, training, and conflict resolution services that we call peacemaking. In fact, we’ve helped dozens of companies, large and small, in all varieties of industries around the world, resolve conflicts and foster greater peace. Pollack Peacebuilding Systems is not your average conflict resolution consulting firm. We are a complete 360-degree peace generator empowering organizations toward positive change through transformative peace processes.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Jeremy and I talked about:

  • The most common and the most difficult workplace conflict situations that Pollack Peacebuilding typically deals with
  • The different approaches, techniques, and tools used for conflict resolution
  • What Pollack Peacebuilding is doing and whom does it help?
  • How to measure the business benefit?
  • Training and certifications for teams and companies
  • And much more!

Thanks, Jeremy!

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Growing A Virtual Recruiting Marketplace – with Dean Garamella of SourceOwls (Staffing and Recruiting Platform)

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Dean Garamella, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SourceOwls, a virtual recruiting Marketplace that brings experienced recruiters and hiring companies together to quickly and efficiently fill pressing human capital hiring needs.

Dean Garamella

Over the past two decades, Dean has mastered what it means to be the “right fit” and has successfully managed several thousand searches for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500.

Dean Garamella continues his passion for providing a valuable service to all the HireResources members, clients, by now overseeing the recruitment operations and overall Member satisfaction for all the HireResources business units.

Outside of his work, Dean Garamella enjoys spending time with his wife and sons: mountain biking, golfing and coaching baseball.

SourceOwls is a recruitment platform built for the busy recruiter:

  • Source and recruit qualified candidates
  • Conduct one qualifications assessment via phone or video call
  • Provided the candidate is qualified and interested supply them with the client and jobs details
  • Submit an up-to-date resume from the candidate in the SourceOwls platform
  • You will receive notifications each time the candidate status is changed

In a wide-ranging discussion, Dean and I talked about:

  • What is SourceOwls and who is it for
  • The advantages of using SourceOwls from an employer’s perspective
  • The benefits of using the SourceOwls platform versus using a traditional staffing firm
  • How SourceOwls manages to attract both employers and recruiters to grow the platform
  • Dean’s advice on how to find and attract new customers
  • And much more!

Thanks, Dean!

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Pam Costa – Director Of People Relations (HR consulting firm in Sydney)

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Pam Costa, Founder& Director of People Relations, an HR consultancy firm for SMEs and Tech Startups based in Sydney, Australia.

Pam Costa

Pam is a strategic and innovative HR Leader who translates business vision into HR initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. She is passionate about implementing HR initiatives to help businesses reduce labor costs.

Using research and data-based solutions, People Relations helps SMEs and Tech Startups identify the risks and provides HR solutions that are focused on improving their bottom line.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Pams and I talked about:

  • Pam’s background and experience in various business sectors.
  • The typical problems that SMEs and startups face when expanding.
  • How People Relations helps companies improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement.
  • Pam’s advice for startups and small businesses when competing against the big players for talent.
  • The free resources provided by Pam on her website.
  • And much more.
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Mandy Withers From Talk HR Club

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by my old friend and business colleague, Mandy Withers, Founder & Director of Talk HR Club, a support community for independent HR consultants in the UK.

Mandy Withers

In the past, Mandy had run HR forum groups and it was clear from the HR professionals that attended that they often felt isolated and they really looked forward to attending the monthly workshops.

The TalkHR Club provides a safe environment for fostering personal and professional growth and development.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Mandy and I talked about:

  • What is Talk HR Club and who can join
  • The principles of Talk HR Club
  • How this community helps its members
  • How Talk HR Club plans to develop
  • What #CollaborationOverCompetition means
  • And much more!
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Chen Geffen Shalev – CommReady (Conversation Preparation Chatbot)

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Chen Geffen Shalev, Founder of the CommReady app.

Chen Geffen Shalev

CommReady is an interactive and confidential conversation prep tool.

CommReady combines theories of negotiation and mediation with elements of the “Atlas of Emotions” methodology. CommReady app is an on-hand companion which helps remove the noise from a distressing situation.

Chen’s professional background is in biotechnology engineering, but a Negotiation and Dispute Resolution course from Harvard Law School gave her the idea to create CommReady and turned her into an entrepreneur.

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